Final Fantasy V Now Available in North American App Store for $15.99

Final Fantasy V (iOS)

Do you remember that Final Fantasy V was coming out in Japan for around $19? Well, now you can buy the same game in the North American App Store as well, but it’ll cost you $15.99… To justify the port’s hefty price tag, Square Enix upgraded the visuals and… well, that’s pretty much it.

Taking into account that the PSN version of Final Fantasy V which is playable on the PS3, PSP and Vita is available for $9.99 (and if you bought it during the Final Fantasy sale, you probably got it for half its price,) the price of this upgraded port is hard to defend. Granted, the PlayStation version of Final Fantasy V is probably not the best one, but at least is available at a reasonable price.

It’s worth pointing out that Final Fantasy V on iOS not only features the original game, but also an extra dungeon and four extra classes from the GameBoy Advance version. Additionally, this is a universal app, so it works on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. That means that you won’t have to buy it twice if you want to play it on the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. How considerate of Square Enix!

Source: iTunes