Gemini Rue Points and Clicks Its Way to iOS

Gemini Rue (PC)

Cyberpunk neo-noir adventure Gemini Rue is coming to iPhone and iPad this spring, Wadjet Eye Games has confirmed. The critically acclaimed point and click adventure has been praised for its dark narrative and won several awards, including the IGF Student Showcase back in 2010.

Although a PC version has been around since 2011, an iOS port seems appropriate considering the game’s simple point and click interface. Still, the upcoming port is receiving some tweaks that will make the experience of playing the science fiction title on iPhone and iPad quite compelling.

Gemini Rue takes place in the 23rd century and follows the stories of Azriel Odin, a former assassin who’s looking for information about his brother Daniel and Delta-Six, a man who wakes up in a medical institution with no recollection of past events. As the plot progresses, the lives of the two men reach a common story.