Humble Bundle with Android 5: Beat Hazard Ultra, Dynamite Jack, Solar 2, NighSky HD, More

Super Hexagon

The latest iteration in the Humble Indie Bundle series, Humble Indie Bundle with Android 5, is now live and it features a bunch of DRM-free games for PC, Mac, Linux and of course, Android. The titles in question are: Beat Hazard Ultra, Dynamite Jack, Solar 2 and Night Sky HD. As usual, the Humble Indie Bundle encourages you to pay what you want, but if you pay more than the average ($6.64 as of this writing,) you’ll get two extra games: Dungeon Defenders with all of its DLC and Super Hexagon.

Additionally, paying more than $1 gives costumers access to Steam keys. Costumers also get to choose how to divide the payment between developers and two charities (the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play.) Finally, and taking into account that some of the latest Humble Indie Bundles have added more games a few weeks after their release, you can probably expect some extra content in a week or two. Which Android title would you like to be added to this bundle?

Source: Humble Indie Bundle