Sonic Dash Revealed, Sega Finally Announces a Sonic Endless Runner

Sonic Dash (iOS)

How did this happen? How did Sega manage to release dozens upon dozens of Sonic the Hedgehog games and none of them in the endless runner genre? Well, it was going to happen one day and that day is today. Sega announced Sonic Dash, an endless running game for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad which is expected to come out soon.

The title is being developed by Hardlight Studio, the team behind vertical platformer Sonic Jump. Interestingly, Sonic Jump (which came out for iOS and Android) is one of the few titles in the series that involves no running at all. Instead, Sonic collects rings and jumps vertically to reach the end of the level.

Sonic Dash, on the other hand, will feature 3D graphics and it’ll allow players to compete against each other through leaderboards. Those are all the details that have been revealed as of this writing, but an endless runner that features Sonic does sound appealing. Don’t you think?

Source: Sega Blog