Square Enix Teases Bravely Default Release in the West

Bravely Default (Nintendo 3DS)

Without a doubt, Square Enix isn’t the most popular developer in the west. After all, the Japanese company has refused to publish some of their best titles in our region, including Final Fantasy Type-0 and Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. In a surprising turn of events, the latter is being considered for a released in the west (and if it isn’t, Square Enix is just shooting itself in the foot again.)

A tweet in the official Bravely Default Twitter account reads: “A voice of the foreign one arrives properly!”

As most of you have probably noticed, the sentence has been translated using translation software. But despite grammatical innacuracies, this might be what most JRPG fans have waited for: Bravely Default might be coming to the west.

Apart from this “sort of” announcement, it seems like Square Enix wants to continue being the company that uses the most unconventional ways possible to make announcements.Teaser sites, countdown clocks and now Twitter? Well, I don’t think anyone cares as long as the Japanese company keeps bringing some of their best titles to territories other than Japan. Right?