Team Behind Bastion Reveals Transistor

Supergiant Games, also known as the independent developer behind the critically-acclaimed Bastion, are working on a new project called Transistor. Transistor is a science fiction role-playing game that puts you in the shoes of a female protagonist who wields a powerful sword that she took from a group of assailants.

Although those are the only details we know in terms of plot, both the visuals and audio deserve some praise, even when they are part of an unfinished project. An early build of the game will be available on PAX East, so those who attend the convention this weekend will be able to see and hear the game for themselves.

Transistor will be released in early 2014. As of this writing, Supergiant Games hasn’t announced the platforms the game will be available for nor a publishing partner.

Transistor 3

Transistor 2

Transistor 4

Transistor 1

Source: Supergiant Games