Capcom Might Announce a New Okami Next Week

Okami ps3 hd

Usually, I tend not to focus on reports or rumors that tease upcoming projects, but it’s hard to follow that rule when there are reports about a new Okami coming out soon. Okami’s official Twitter account, is teasing an upcoming announcement.

Luckily for all those people who don’t read Japanese (myself included,) Gematse has translated the tweet above: “Hello, this is Okami news. Sorry I’ve been kind of out of touch lately, but I have the feeling we’ll be able to drop a fresh announcement like WHAM! around the beginning of Golden Week, so please look forward to it. Right now we’re on track with preparations.

Golden Week runs from April 29th to May 5th which means that we’ll have more information about this announcement pretty soon. Some fans have speculated that the announcement is related to the game coming out on new platforms or maybe a proper sequel.

For the uninitiated, Okami debuted on the PlayStation 2 in 2006 and the Clover Studio developed title quickly became a cult classic. I totally own a copy of the Greatest Hits edition, but for multiple reasons I haven’t had a chance to play it yet. Now I’m thinking that maybe I wrote this blog post because I feel guilty for not finding the time to play the universally praised action-adventure title.

Source: GameSpot