Indie Horror Title Home Coming to iOS and Mac

Home (PC)

Benjamin Rivers’ Home is coming to platforms other than the PC. According to Joystiq, Home is coming to iOS and Mac and hopefully, Android devices.

For the uninitiated, Home is a pixelated horror game. The main protagonist is awakened by a storm and finds himself in a dark room he’s never seen before. From them on, the player needs to explore the multiple environments to solve a murder. But while the unknown surroundings and the fact that there is a murder sound like clich├ęs, Home has some elements that make it unique. As you make progress and take decisions, for instance, the game changes to reflect your perspective.

Although some versions of the game have already been confirmed, Home’s website has a poll where you can say which version you’d like to play the most (the choices are: Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android.) For those of you who can’t wait for new versions, Home is available on Steam for $2.99.