Retro Science Fiction Adventure Rex Rocket Launches Kickstarter

If I had to describe Rex Rocket in one sentence I’d say: “If Star Wars and Mega Man had a baby, Rex Rocket would be that baby.” But maybe I should really stop thinking about two franchises having sex.

Rex Rocket is a traditional 2D plaformer where you assume the role of Captain Rex Rocket, a former war hero who pilots a cruiser called SS Montana. The captain is in charge of transporting scientists and “Terra-Oozlings” to the Washington solar system, but fortunately for us, something goes wrong. After an accident, the former war hero needs to stop a homicidal computer, rescue everyone on board and save the day.

Developers are asking for $6000 to fund the project, which would guarantee a January 2014 release. As of this writing, the only confirmed platform is the PC, but more platforms are under consideration, including Mac, iOS, Linux, Xbox Live Indie Games, Wii U, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS and Ouya.

Source: Kickstarter