Road Redemption, Spiritual Successor to Road Rash Turns to Kickstarter

DarkSeas Games wants to develop a spiritual successor to Road Rash, but to do so they need the help of Kickstarter. Road Redemption is a Unity-based game for Windows PC, Mac and Linux and the people behind the game already thought of a story that involves biker gangs, drugs, violence, spectacular crashes and a post-apocalyptic setting.

Road Redemption makes use of the gameplay so characteristic of the Road Rash series, but also includes improved graphics, destructible environments, ragdoll physics, a parry system, gun combat and online multiplayer. According to its developers, the game’s difficulty will be quite challenging, since this upcoming spiritual successor wants to replicate the gameplay proper of the Sega Genesis, 3DO and Nintendo 64 era.

As of this writing, Road Redemption has raised almost $30,000 of $160,000 pledged, but taking into account that the project has 27 days to go, there’s still plenty of time for the project to be funded. If the project is successful, you can expect Road Redemption to come out in July of next year.

By the way, Road Redemption will support the Oculus Rift, because in the future, everything will support this impressive piece of technology that everyone wants. With the exception of Doom 3 of course…

Source: Kickstarter