RPG Maker 3 Coming to the PS3 as a PlayStation 2 Classic

RPG Maker 3 (PS2)

The third iteration in the RPG Maker series is coming to the PS3 as a PS2 Classic. It’s great to know that even though the PS3 isn’t backwards compatible with PS2 games, a lot of classic titles are still coming to Sony’s latest console.

As its name indicates, RPG Maker 3 allows you to create role-playing games. The title includes some features that weren’t present in previous titles in the series, such as 3D graphics, an advanced trigger system and more terrains for environments.

In addition, the game features multiple character and enemy models, pre-made songs, weapons, armors, treasures, items and maps. I’ve always found the RPG Maker quite appealing, but unlike the newer PC versions of the game, older RPG Makers don’t let you share your creations.

RPG Maker 3 will be out on PSN this Tuesday, so look forward to that.