Stealth Bastard Coming to PS3 and PS Vita This Summer (with a New Name)

Stealth Bastard (PS3, PS Vita)

Sidescrolling platformer Stealth Bastard is coming to the PS3 and PS Vita this summer, Curve Studios’ Sam Robinson announced through the PlayStation Blog. For the uninitiated, Stealth Bastard combines elements from Metal Gear Solid and Super Meat Boy, which sounds quite appealing if you ask me.

Apart from a main campaign, unlockable items, online leaderboards and a level editor, the PlayStation version of the game will also get a new, less offensive name, which I don’t think is such a good idea. Nevertheless, the people behind Stealth Bastard are open to suggestions. If you’re interested, go to Stealth Bastard’s site and submit your ideas by April 14th. The winner gets a PlayStation Vita, a copy of the game and a spot in the credits.

Source: PlayStation Blog