Super Mario Crossover 3.0 Celebrates Three-Year Anniversary with Amazing Trailer

Developed by a small company called Exploding Rabbit, Super Mario Crossover is browser-based title that plays like Super Mario Bros., but combines characters from many other NES franchises, including Mega Man, Samus, Link and Ryu Hayabusa, among many others. As a way of celebrating the fact that Super Mario Crossover has been around for three years, Exploding Rabbit upgraded the game to its 3.0 version.

But what’s exactly new in this version? We have new difficulty levels, new characters and new levels (including one from Castlevania and one Super Mario Bros. 2.) There’s even a low-resolution level that attempts to emulate the graphics from the Atari 2600 era.

Do you remember platformers from the NES era fondly? If you do, the five-minute long video above will take back to the glory days of Nintendo. By the way, did you know that the tank from Blaster Master could swim like a mermaid? Because I didn’t.