This Week on GOG, March 29th: D&D Promo, Evoland, The Cat Lady, More

This week, GOG is offering a handful of Dungeons & Dragons titles at a discounted price. The more titles you buy, the higher the discount and buying all 10 of them will cost you $21,10. The D&D Dynamo Stacking Promo includes classic role-playing games from the Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale and Neverwinter Nights series.

This week releases are tactical squad-based shooter Signal Ops, “evolution” RPG Evoland, real-time strategy games Cultures 3+4 and horror-themed point-and-click adventure The Cat Lady.

Finally, GOG presents a new software that will change the way in which you experience modern titles. RetroMator 4000 is a program that will allow you to transform current-gen titles into retro games. Basically, there are two options: retro-mated and text-mated, so by using RetroMator 4000 a modern game can become pixelated or even a text-based adventure. RetroMator 4000 will be free when it comes out. For more information, visit its preview website.