Alan Wake Series Now Available on Humble Weekly Sale

You know the drill: you pay what you want, support charity and get a bundle of independent-developed titles. The Humble Weekly Sale is back! The Alan Wake series is part of the Humble Weekly Sale so by paying whatever you want, you get DRM-free copies of Alan Wake Collector’s Edition and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

In addition to the critically acclaimed psychological thrillers, you get exclusive content such as wallpapers, exclusive videos, digital comics, episodes of the “Night Spring” TV show and behind-the-scenes materials. If you pay $1 or more, you get Steam keys for both titles. There are six days left on this sale, so you have some time to get the Alan Wake series.

Remedy’s Sam Lake was featured in the announcement video above and among other details, he revealed that the Alan Wake series has sold more than three million copies and that Remedy prefers to focus on the upcoming Quantum Break (which some of you might remember from the Xbox One presentation) rather than an Alan Wake sequel. This means that I have more than enough time to catch up with the Alan Wake series before a new game comes out.

Source: The Humble Weekly Sale