Germinator and Pinball Arcade Free on PlayStation Plus

Pinball Arcade (PS3, PS Vita)

Later today, when the PlayStation store updates, PlayStation Plus members will be able to download Germinator and Pinball Arcade free of charge. The usual price of Germinator is $9.99, but those who have a PlayStation Plus subscription will be able to get the PS Vita game for free.

Pinball Arcade is also regularly priced at $9.99, but this week you can download for free. The game has classic tables such as Tales of the Arabian Nights, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Theater of Magic and Black Hole, with additional tables available as paid DLC. It’s worth pointing out that Pinball Arcade has Cross-Buy which means that once you’ve downloaded, you can play it on both the PlayStation 3 and the Vita.

There are also some discounts. The Metro: Last Light season pass is $11.24, the Darkstalkers Resurrection and Super Puzzle Fighter 2 bundle is $10.49 and Men’s Room Mayhem is $0.97.

Source: PlayStation Blog