Manhunt Coming to PSN as a PlayStation 2 Classic Next Week

Manhunt (PS2)

A few weeks ago, when Rockstar announced that both Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories were coming to the PSN as PlayStation 2 Classics, the company also hinted that more of their games were coming to Sony’s digital distribution service. It turns out that Manhunt (also known as Rockstar North’s highly controversial “slasher” game) is coming to PSN on May 14th.

Manhunt will be available in the PS2 Classics section for $9.99/€9.99/£7.99. Europeans who want to play the stealth-based psychological horror game will have to wait until Wednesday, when the store in that region updates.

In Manhunt, you assume the role of an inmate who’s forced to participate in snuff films. Although Manhunt was well received by critics, the game was extremely controversial for its subject matter, since it allowed players to execute enemies in really graphic manners.

According to a post on Rockstar’s website, modern beat ’em up The Warriors is coming to PSN as well. It hasn’t been confirmed if Manhunt 2 if going to be available on PSN, but taking into account that Rockstar has published all of their classics on the service, I wouldn’t be surprised if the sequel comes out soon.

Source: Rockstar