Pre-Order Anomaly 2, Get Anomaly Korea for Free

Anomaly Korea PC and Anomaly 2 Bundle

Everyone who pre-orders Anomaly 2 through the game’s official website will receive a second copy of the game and a copy of the PC version of Anomaly Korea as a bonus, 11 bit studios announced. Anomaly Korea originally came out for mobile systems and this is the first time that’s released on PC, so this is a kind of a big deal.

If you’re interested, head to Anomaly 2’s site right now and pre-order the upcoming “tower offense” RTS for $14.99. Additionally, purchasing the game from the official site gives you access to Steam codes, so there’s really no drawbacks to this promo.

Anomaly 2 comes out on May 15th for the PC. I’m currently working on a review of the game, so that article will be on the site really soon.