Super Metroid Now Available in the Wii U Virtual Console for 30 Cents

When a video game is available for 30 cents, you buy it. When the video game that’s available for 30 cents happens to be one of the best Super Nintendo titles ever released, you buy it and tell everyone you know about it. As a way of promoting the recently released Wii U Virtual Console, Super Metroid is available at the discounted price of $0.30 for a limited time.

When this promotion is over Super Metroid will be back to its regular price of $7.99. Other games that were discounted for a limited time as part of the Trial Campaign include Kirby’s Adventure, Punch-Out!!! Featuring Mr. Dream and F-Zero. Upcoming games include Yoshi (which will be available on June 12th) and Donkey Kong (which will be available on July 15th.)

Source: Game Informer