Wii U Version of Earthbound Rated in Australia

Earthbound (SNES)

Not only has Nintendo confirmed that the Virtual Console is coming to the Wii U, but also that cult classic Earthbound is coming to North America and Europe as well. But while Nintendo confirmed that Earthbound is coming to those territories, the only release date we got was: “later this year.” Now, the game showed up on the Australian Classification Board which suggests that the beloved RPG might be coming sooner than we expected.

It’s worth pointing out that the classification itself doesn’t include any release dates, so this is purely speculative. Nevertheless, don’t get too surprised if Nintendo makes an Earthbound-related announcement over the coming months.

Oh, by the way! Earthbound has been rated M in Australia for crude humor and sexual references. I guess the rating isn’t that important as far as we get one of the finest role-playing games ever made, right?

Source: Joystiq