Codemasters’ Colin McRae 2.0 Now Available on iOS

UK developer Codemasters released Colin McRae Rally on iOS. Yesterday, the developer posted a teaser picture of Colin McRae’s iconic Ford Focus on Twitter, suggesting that a new game in the series was going to be announced. A short while after posting the teaser, a re-imagined version of Colin McRae 2.0 came out on iOS.

The mobile title (called Colin McRae Rally) features improved graphics and tilt controls, as well as the same content that made Colin McRae 2.0 such a classic rally game. Colin McRae Rally for iOS is now available worldwide.

I remember playing Colin McRae 2.0 on a state of the art PC and it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago. Now I can play that very same title on a gaming platform that’s small enough to fit in my pocket. That’s amazing.