Contra Runs and Guns to iOS Devices as Contra Evolution

Contra Evolution (iOS)

Contra Evolution is an official application based on the original side-scrolling shooter and the game is coming to iOS devices on Thursday, June 27th. Some of you might remember Contra Evolution as the app that came out prematurely on the Chinese App Store earlier this year (in January to be more precise,) only to be removed a few hours later. Luckily, a western version is coming out in a few days.

As you can see on the screenshot on top, this isn’t the Contra you remember from your childhood. The original Contra was used as a template, but thanks to a modern open-source engine, Contra Evolution looks absolutely stunning.

Contra Evolution is coming out this Thursday, June 27th. The iPhone version will cost $0.99 and the iPad version (appropriately named Contra Evolution HD) will cost $2.99.