Monthly Giveaway: Get a Free Copy of Magrunner: Dark Pulse (Update)

Update: Today is June 20th, which means that Magrunner: Dark Pulse will be coming out digitally. Since there are no comments on this article yet, this promotion will be extended for a while. Also, stay tuned for more monthly giveaways!

Welcome to a new section! From now on, I’ll try to give away some games from time to time. I’ve been trying to do something like this for a while, since this would help me promote upcoming titles, at the same time it encourages readers to leave comments.

This week, GOG was kind enough to give me an extra copy of Magrunner: Dark Pulse for the PC. For the uninitiated, Magrunner is an action puzzler that combines physics-based brainteasers with a science-fiction narrative. Would you like a free copy of the game? Since this is the first time I’m doing a giveaway, let’s keep it simple: leave a comment in the comment section down below. Nothing specific, just write something that adds to the conversation.

The game arrives on June 20th and as soon as the game unlocks on GOG, I’ll be choosing my favorite comment and the person who wrote that comment will get a free copy of the game. If you can’t wait that long to play Magrunner: Dark Pulse, you can pre-order the game on GOG right now for $16.99.