Pac-Man Museum to Come Out Digitally, Features Pac-Man Battle Royale

Pac-Man Museum

Pac-Man Museum is coming out digitally to numerous platforms, Namco has announced. As its name indicates, the collection features a bunch of Pac-Man titles. Although the publisher hasn’t detailed the exact content of the compilation yet, we know that it’ll include the original Pac-Man, Championship Edition and Battle Royale.

Although I played (and reviewed) Championship Edition, I wasn’t very familiar with Battle Royale. For the uninitiated, Pac-Man Battle Royale is an arcade game that was made to celebrate the series’ 30th anniversary. In terms of gameplay, the game can be played by up to four players. So what’s all the fuss about? Basically, this will be the first time that the multiplayer-oriented title will be available on a platform other than the arcade.

Pac-Man Museum is coming to XBLA, PSN, PC, 3DS and the Wii U eShop. It’s worth mentioning that both the PSN and XBLA versions won’t feature Championship Edition, which is definitely a shame. Although the reason for this omission hasn’t been explained, I’m pretty sure it’s related to the fact that Championship Edition is available as a separate download on the aforementioned services.

Source: Joystiq