PlayStation Store Update: Remember Me, Limbo, Free Deus Ex for Plus Members

Remember Me (PS3)

This week, Remember Me hits PSN for $59.99. Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon is also available digitally for $19.99. Vita owners can download Limbo for $14.99 (with Cross-Buy,) Toro’s Friend Network for free, Quell Memento for $4.99 and Paint Park Plus for free. The PSP sees the release of dungeon crawler Class of Heroes 2 for $14.99. Finally, PS2 Classics include Alpha Romeo Racing Italiano and Ultimate Board Game Collection and both cost $9.99.

PlayStation Plus members can download Deus Ex: Human Revolution for free. In terms of discounts, Plus members can purchase Grid 2 for $53.99, Portal 2 for $9.60 and Portal 2’s DLC In Motion for $4.80. For more information about upcoming free titles on Plus, check out this article.

Source: PlayStation Blog