Polytron Announces Fez 2

Developer Polytron announced Fez 2 during a panel at E3 2013. The direct sequel to Fez has been announced during this year’s Horizon Indie Game Conference and soon after the announcement, developer Polytron posted a teaser trailer on their official website. That’s pretty much what we know about the game so far.

The original Fez was in development for five years and was finally released on the Xbox 360 in 2012. A PC version was released in 2013. The development process of Fez was chronicled in the documentary Indie Game: The Movie.

Fez features a character named Gomez who has a magical hat that allows him to see the world in 3D. I recently played Fez and I’m working on a review. I’ll be posting the review in a few days, so look forward to that.