Stop-Motion Adventure by the Creators of Neverhood Turns to Kickstarter

The Neverhood is a claymation point-and-click adventure released in 1996 that went on to become a cult classic. Basically, the game received positive reviews, but since it came out during the decline of the genre, no one bought it. But The Neverhood’s creators know that there’s a niche audience who’s interested in similar projects, so that’s why Pencil Test Studios launched a Kickstarter campaign for Armikrog.

The story of the game is simple enough: you assume the role of a galactic explorer named Tommynaut who’s accompanied by his talking dog Beak-Beak. Suddenly, they crash-land on a mysterious planet and find themselves trapped in a fortress known as Armikrog.

Rather than a direct follow-up or sequel, Armikrog is a spiritual successor to The Neverhood. The team is looking to raise $900,000 to fund the project. With more than three weeks to go, the project already raised $407,000, so there’s hope that they will get to the pledged goal.

If the project is fully funded, Amikrog will come out on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam and similar digital distribution services. Additionally, a DRM-version will also be available. For more information about the game, follow the source link below.

Source: Kickstarter