Crazy Taxi Crashes into Android Garage

Crazy Taxi (Android)

Following the release of an iOS port last October, Sega’s open-world racing game Crazy Taxi is now available on Google Play for $4.99.

This mobile version features enhanced visuals, touch-screen controls and more importantly, this version of the game retains the soundtrack of the original. For the uninitiated, Crazy Taxi is notable for its soundtrack, which includes popular punk bands such as Bad Religion and The Offspring. Additionally, the iOS and Android versions of Crazy Taxi include both the Original and Arcade modes, as well as 16 minigames.

This marks the umpteenth time that a Crazy Taxi port comes out. Although originally released in arcades and later ported to the legendary Sega Dreamcast, Crazy Taxi was ported to a variety of platforms, including PC, PlayStation 2, GameCube, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, among many others.

Source: Google Play