Fez II Canceled, Phil Fish Leaves the Industry

Fez 2

Fez II is canceled, developer Polytron has announced via its website. Apparently, a heated argument between Polytron’s Phil Fish and GameTrailers’ Marcus Beer is related to the cancellation of the sequel. So what happened exactly?

Marcus Beer (also known as Annoyed Gamer in GameTrailers) started criticizing Phil Fish during the latest “Invisible Walls” episode. Phil Fish refused to provide quotes on Microsoft’s new self-publishing policies and this made Beer so angry that he made some aggressive remarks about Phil Fish and Johnathan Blow.

Beer made some strong accusations and then Fish and Blow responded on Twitter, but soon enough, things got out of hand. Fish ordered Beer to “kill yourself,” Beer kept making fun of Fish and the back and forth continued for a while. Since then, Fish “protected” his Twitter account (which means that only people following him can read his status,) but one of his latest tweets said that Fez II was canceled. A similar statement appeared on Polytron’s website moments after the incident.

Fez was released on April 13th, 2012 for Xbox Live Arcade. Despite some technical issues, the puzzle platformers received rave reviews. The development of the game was also featured in the critically acclaimed documentary Indie Game: The Movie.

The sequel to Fez was announced during the Horizon conference at this year’s E3. As someone who really wanted to play Fez II, the game’s cancellation is definitely bad news.

By the way, for a more descriptive chronicle of the events that supposedly led to Fez II’s cancellation, visit Kotaku.

Source: Twitter, Kotaku