Giant Bomb’s Ryan Davis Passes Away at 34

Ryan Davis (Giant Bomb)

Ryan Davis, co-founder and senior editor of Giant Bomb passed away last week, a few days after getting married. This was announced yesterday by his colleagues at Giant Bomb. Soon after posting a heartbreaking message on the site, fans, friends and colleagues shared some personal stories in the comments.

I didn’t know Ryan Davis personally, but as a listener to the GiantBombcast, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t attached to him and his work. I’ve been following Ryan Davis ever since he was working at GameSpot. I remember that he reviewed many anime titles. I enjoyed reading each one of those reviews, even when I often disagreed with him. I often find myself going back to some random reviews, just to remember why I’m working on this blog.

I owe this blog to a handful of people who inspired me. And Ryan Davis was definitely one of those people.

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Image Source: Giant Bomb