Trainer Beats the Elite Four with the Most Useless Pokémon: Magikarp

Fact of life: Magikarp is the most useless Pokémon ever made and the only reason to capture one is a) to evolve it into a Gyarados or b) because you are trying to catching them all. But there’s someone out there who thinks that Magikarp isn’t the most useless Pokémon ever made and not only did that player proved us all wrong, but the trainer did it in the most impressive way possible.

YouTuber Meikachuchu finished Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green with only a Magikarp. So the Pokémon trainer defeated most gym leaders and the entire Elite Four with a silly Pokémon. Although pressing A on Splash, Tackle or Flail over and over again doesn’t seem that fun, I’m glad that someone proved that Magikarp can be deadly.

Source: Kotaku