Wasteland 2 Delayed Due to Its Overwhelming Success

Wasteland 2 (Wallpaper)

This is becoming a trend of sorts. After Double Fine announced that Broken Age wouldn’t be released in time due to its tremendous success, InXile Entertainment (the team behind Wasteland 2) went ahead and stated something similar. Apparently, Wasteland 2 became so big in scope that the Kickstarter-funded role-playing game won’t be coming out this October, InXile Entertainment confirmed via their Kickstarter page.

In the aforementioned post, Brian Fargo stated that due to the campaign being “greatly overfunded,” the upcoming RPG will be delayed. In other words, backers gave Wasteland 2 so much money that the game is now six weeks behind schedule. In October though, people who contributed will be able to play Wasteland 2 in its beta form. As of this news article, the game’s release date hasn’t been confirmed.

Source: Kickstarter