Worms Revolution Extreme Creeping to the Vita in Q3 2013

Worms Revolution Extreme (PlayStation Vita)

Worms Revolution Extreme is coming to the PlayStation Vita in Q3 2013, developer Team17 has announced. The PSN release will feature a single-player campaign with 47 missions and 25 puzzles. These missions are set in a variety of environments, including “Sewer, Farmyard, Spooky, Beach, Mars, Funfair or Medieval.”

But the Worms series has always been more enjoyable with other people, so luckily, this upcoming title will also include some multipleyer options. Worms Revolution Extreme will have local and online multiplayer where up to four players can participate in Deathmatch, Forts or Classic modes. Finally, there will be a new mode called Treasure that let’s you link up to a friend’s PlayStation 3 and vice versa. If you do, you can unlock 10 special gifts.

Source: PlayStation Blog