Game Dev Tycoon Coming to Steam on August 29th

Game Dev Tycoon (PC)

Game developer simulator Game Dev Tycoon is coming Steam on August 29th, developer Greenheart Games has announced. As its name suggests, Game Dev Tycoon let’s you manage a game development company.

The game can be pre-ordered for $7.99 (the regular price is $9.99) and players who already own a copy of the game will get a Steam code for free. In terms of content, the Steam version will feature a longer storyline, new platforms, the ability to unlock multi-platform games, rebalanced platforms and new artwork.

The game became popular for its anti-piracy measures, which punished those players who pirated the game with in-game bankruptcy.

Game Dev Tycoon is coming to Steam for PC and Mac on August 29th.

Source: Steam