Gamescom 2013: Sony Press Conference Recap

This year at Gamescom, Sony had a long presentation where the company announced new titles, services, price cuts and release dates. Instead of dividing every single announcement in a piece of news, I decided to compile all of them in one single article. As a way of making this article easier to read, I divided the announcements in categories and highlighted some of the most important information.

General Announcements

  • The media briefing started with the first look at the PlayStation 4 user interface.
  • A new trailer for Gran Turismo 6 was shown. The racing game will launch globally on December 6th, 2013.
  • The Little Big Planet Hub service is coming soon to PlayStation 3. Through this service, players will be able to create and share levels, as well as compete in several challenges. Some of the content will be available for everyone, but certain items and tools will cost real-world money.
  • As a way of celebrating the release of Grand Theft Auto V (which is coming out on September 17th,) a PS3 hardware bundle will be available.
  • A few PlayStation Vita Mega Packs were announced, but they are exclusive to the European market.

New Games

  • Some of the upcoming PlayStation Vita games were shown, including Batman: Arkham Origins, Lego Marvel and Football Manager Classic 2014.
  • Borderlands 2 is coming to the PlayStation Vita.
  • Starbound, Fez and Velocity 2X are coming to the PS4 and Vita this year.
  • A price cut for the PlayStation Vita was announced. As of today, the portable console will be available for €199 in Europe and $199 in America. Additionally, significant price cuts are also coming to memory cards in both regions.
  • Murasaki Baby, a grotesque-looking puzzle/platformer is coming to the Vita.
  • Big Fest was announced for the Vita. This is a free-to-play title that puts you in the shoes of a manager of a music festival.
  • Rogue Legacy is coming to both the PS4 and Vita next year.
  • Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is coming to PS4 and Vita next spring. PlayStation Plus members will get the game for free.
  • N++ will be available on PS4 this winter.
  • Volume will be available on PS4 and Vita next year.
  • Guns of Icarus Online will be available on the PS4.
  • Top-down shooter Wasteland Kings was announced for both PS4 and Vita next year.
  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number will be available on PS4 and Vita next year.

PlayStation 4 Exclusive Games

  • A new game by English developer The Chinese Room was revealed: Everybody’s Gone to Rapture.
  • Spanish developer Tequila Works is working on a game called Rime.
  • The makers of Magicka are working on a cooperative shooter called Helldivers.
  • A shoot ’em up called Resogun was shown.
  • Shadow of the Beast, a re-imagining of a classic Amiga game, is coming to the PS4.
  • Tech demo The Playroom will come pre-installed on every PS4 at launch.
  • A new trailer for inFamous: Second Son was shown.
  • Multiplayer footage from Killzone: Shadow Fall was shown.


  • The PlayStation 4 will have Twitch support.
  • Music Unlimited will have new features and a faster interface.
  • Sony announced a partnership with some internet providers in Europe.
  • PS4 owners will have access to a 14-day free trial of PlayStation Plus.

More Games

  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag was demoed on a PS4, using the Vita via remote play. If you buy the PS3 or PS4 version of the game, you’ll have access to exclusive content.
  • A new Watch Dogs trailer was shown. The PS3 and PS4 versions of the game come with exclusive content.
  • Minecraft is coming to the PS4 as a launch title.
  • War Thunder, a free-to-play combat title, is coming to the PS4.
  • The PS4 version of Call of Duty: Ghosts, Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4 or Assassin’s Creed 4 will be discounted to those who already have the PS3 version of the same game.


  • The 12GB PlayStation 3 costs €199 in Europe and $199 in North America.
  • The PlayStation 4 will cost €399 in Europe and $399 in North America. The home console will launch on November 29th in Europe and on November 15th in North America.