GOG.com Launches Portal for Indie Game Developers

Keeping track of all the indie games that are being released every week is a difficult task. Imagine what it would be like for an extremely popular digital distribution service. As a way of making the process easier to developers and themselves, digital distribution platform GOG (formerly known as Good Old Games) has launched a portal that allows developers to submit their games and speak to GOG about a potential release on the site.

As of this news article, FTL – Faster than Light, Hotline Miami, To the Moon, Deponia and Legend of Grimrock are some of the indie titles that are available on the DRM-free digital distributor. Soon, the catalog on the digital distribution service will become bigger and bigger.

GOG.com has posted a video that features some of the indie developers who have partnered with up with the digital distribution service, including Kan Gao (To the Moon,) Calvin French (Real Texas) and Lars Doucet (Defender’s Quest.) In the video, the developers talk about their experience releasing their games in GOG.