Guacamelee! Gold Coming to PC via Steam Next Week


Guacamelee! Gold, an improved version of the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita action platfomer, is coming to PC, developer Drinkbox Studio has announced. The Gold version, which will be released on Steam, will feature two DLC packs (the Costume Pack and Devil’s Playground,) cloud saves, Steam achievements, leaderboards, Steam Workshop, Steam trading cards and Big Picture Mode.

For the uninitiated, Guacamelee! is a metroidvania-style action platformer that debuted on the PS3 and Vita on April 9th, 2013. The game puts you in the shoes of Mexican luchador Juan Aguacate as he tries to save El Presidente’s daughter who has been kidnapped by a Charro called Carlos Calaca. As you can see, the game draws inspiration from Mexican culture, but all the topics discussed in Guacamelee! have a humorous touch.

In terms of gameplay, Guacamelee’s melee combat has an extensive move list that allows you to perform an insane string of combos. At the same time, some of the moves can be used not only to defeat enemies, but also to explore the sprawling environments.

Guacamelee! Gold will launch on the PC on August 8th for $14.99. The game will be discounted on its first week and anyone who purchases it during that period of time will also receive Drinkbox Studios’ Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack.