Nintendo 2DS Out October 12th for $129, Backwards Compatible, Ditches Clamshell Design

The house of Mario has announced the Nintendo 2DS, a new handheld in the Nintendo DS family. The portable console is coming out on October 12th for $129.99 ($40 cheaper than the 3DS) and as its name suggests, the 2DS plays 3DS and original DS games, but in 2D.

This upcoming piece of hardware doesn’t have the iconic clamshell design and instead, the 2DS is more similar to a tablet than to a handheld in the Nintendo DS family. The dual screens are the same size as the 3DS, the system comes with a 4GB memory card and a stylus. The circle pad, cameras, built-in speaker and standard face buttons are still here.

It seems weird that Nintendo is releasing a portable console that doesn’t feature 3D functionality, which seems to be the the whole point of buying a 3DS. Then again, the Nintendo 2DS launches the same day as Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, so the 2DS seems like the machine that will allow you to play Pokémon. The lower price point will definitely attract people who want to play specific games or those who couldn’t care less about the 3D technology.

Does this mean that the next redesign will be called 1DS? Don’t do it Nintendo…