Papers, Please Gets a Visa, Coming to GOG and Steam on August 8th

Graphic adventure Papers, Please is coming Steam, GOG and the Humble Store on August 8th for $9.99. The PC and Mac versions of the satire/simulator are now available for pre-order. It’s worth mentioning that the Steam version includes a variety of exclusive features, such as achievements, stats and cloud saves.

For the uninitiated, Papers, Please puts you in the shoes of an immigrant agent in the early 1980s. The border in the fictional nation of Arstotzkan has been re-opened after 6 years, which means that a lot of people are allowed into the country. Basically, you have the power of accepting or denying entry but before making a decision, you need to carefully check and analyze the documents provided.

Papers, Please has been described as “A Dystopian Document Thriller” and has been inspired by the creator’s experience in airport immigration. Personally, I haven’t had a chance to try Papers, Please yet, but now that the graphic adventure is coming to a handful of digital distribution services, getting the game should be easier.

Source: Papers, Please