Humble Indie Bundle 9 Now Live, Features Fez, Mark of the Ninja, FTL, More

The latest iteration of the Humble Indie Bundle is now live. The pay-what-you-want compilation features sidescrolling platformer Trine 2: Complete Story, stealth-action game Mark of the Ninja, the beta version of Eets Munchies and action-RTS Brutal Legend. If you pay more than the average (currently $4.59,) you also get space roguelike FTL: Faster than Light and indie darling Fez.

Once you’ve decided how much you want to pay, a portion of your purchase goes to charity and paying $1 or more, grants you access to Steam keys. As usual, soundtracks are included and additional games are coming soon to this compilation, so make sure you pay more than the average if you’re interested in getting them.

By the way, note that some of the aforementioned titles are debuting on new platforms. This is the first time that Mark of the Ninja is available for Mac and Linux, Fez is making its Mac and Linux debut and Eets Munchies is debuting on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Source: Humble Bundle