La-Mulana 2 Coming Soon to the PC, Official Site Confirms

La-Mulana 2 (PC)

Nigoro’s 2D side-scrolling platformer La-Mulana will receive a sequel, the game’s official website has confirmed. The announcement comes from this year’s Tokyo Game Show where the team behind the game has confirmed the release of La-Mulana 2 for 2014.

Joystiq reports that instead of controlling the same protagonist from the first title, La-Mulana 2 will put you in the shoes of his daughter Lemeza Kosugi.

The original La-Mulana launched earlier this year on both Steam and GOG. Actually, the Steam version of the game is 80% off its regular price of $14.99, so if you’ve been meaning to get the game for a while, this is the perfect opportunity.

Source: La-Mulana Official Website, Joystiq