Lemmings Touch Announced for the PlayStation Vita

Last year saw the release of Lemmings for PlayStation Mobile and now developer d3t is working on Lemmings Touch for the PlayStation Vita. As its name suggests, Lemmings Touch will be an updated version of the classic puzzle/platformer that will make use of the Vita’s touch functionality.

The game’s interface has been designed with swipe and touch in mind, so players will be able to navigate both the menus and levels using touch-based controls. The idea is that you can touch Lemmings, assign them specific roles and then move them to wherever you want. In addition, d3t created new objects to interact with, new environments and of course, new Lemmings.

A release date for Lemmings Touch hasn’t been revealed yet, but d3t stated that more details about the upcoming puzzler will be revealed soon.

Source: PlayStation Blog