PlayStation Store Update: FIFA 14 or PES 2014?


The latest PlayStation Store update is now live and you have to decide which football game you like the most: FIFA 14 or Pro Evolution Soccer 2014? Apart from sports games, PSN offers Armored Core: Verdict Day, Girl Fight and Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut (with Cross-Buy.)

There are also two PlayStation 2 Classics coming out this week: The Mark of Kri and Tokobot Plus: Mysteries of the Karakuri. PlayStation Plus members can download the Vita version of Rayman Origins for free and they have access to various discounts. Plus members can download Limbo, Worms Revolution and Pinbollistik at a discounted rate.

Finally, there’s an Assassin’s Creed sale. You can buy any of the core games for $13.99 and all the downloadable content is discounted as well. For more information about this week’s sales, discounts of freebies, follow the source link below.

Source: PlayStation Blog