Record of Agarest War Coming to Steam This October

Record of Agarest War will receive a PC port in a couple of weeks, a steam page has revealed. The PC version is called Agarest: Generations of War and is coming to Steam on October 3rd.

Originally released in 2010, the strategy role-playing game is famous for dealing with some suggestive themes. According to most articles I’ve read, the use of raunchy topics is unfortunate, because under all the sexually suggestive imagery there’s a solid strategy RPG.

Agarest: Generations of War can be pre-ordered for $15.99 (the regular price is $19.99.) Additionally, pre-purchasing the game will give you access to a slew of DLC packs, including Upgrade Pack 1, Upgrade Pack 2, Dull-Things Pack, Fallen Angel Pack, Magic Fighter Pack, Legendary Monster Pack and Basic Adventure Pack. It’s worth pointing out that these packs will be sold individually at launch.

Source: Steam