Sony Announces PlayStation Vita TV, Play Vita, PSP and PSOne Classic Games on Your TV

Earlier today, Sony announced the PlayStation Vita TV as part of their pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference. The PlayStation Vita TV is a piece of hardware that will allow users to play PlayStation Vita, PSP and PSOne Classic games on their TVs. Additionally, the small system will be able stream PlayStation 4 games using the remote play feature.

The miniature console connects to the TV and has slots where players can insert their PS Vita card games or memory cards. The device will launch in Japan on November 14th for 9,480 Yen (around $95.) A bundle that features the PlayStation Vita TV, a Dualshock 3 controller and an 8GB Vita memory card has been confirmed.

Below, you can find some random facts about the device and a table with all the specifications:

  • The PlayStation Vita TV has a built-in 1GB of memory.
  • Supports Dualshock 3 controllers. Up to two controllers can be used in multiplayer.
  • The mini console will support the PlayStation Plus membership.
  • PS Vita TV has standby mode.
  • In Japan, the PS Vita TV will support the following video services: Hulu, Tsutaya TV, Nico Nico, Sky PerfecTV! On-Demand, TBS The World Heritage Selection,, TV dogatch, and U-Next.
  • The system will also have a browser, email, party and chat applications built-in.

PlayStation Vita TV SpecsSource: Joystiq