Terraria Available for Android, 1.2 Update Coming on October 1st

Terraria (Android)

Terraria is now available on Google Play, developer 505 Games has confirmed.

In terms of new features, the Android version of the indie action-adventure includes an android robot that players can team up with, Game Services leaderboards and achievements and a new interface that’s more intuitive for touch-based devices. A trial version is available for free and unlocking the full version costs $4.99.

But that’s not all! Do you remember the 1.2 patch that was supposed to come out this July for the PC version? According to a tweet from developer Re-Logic’s Andrew Spinks, the highly anticipated PC-exclusive update is coming on October 1st. The patch will come with new items, enemies, bosses, mechanics and challenges. Overall, this upcoming patch promises over 700 new additions to the game (here’s a list with the upcoming features.)

Owners of the console versions (PSN and XBLA) will probably get this update at some point in the future, but we don’t know its release date yet. For more information about Terraria’s 1.2 patch, watch the video below.