The Mark of Kri Coming to PSN as a PS2 Classic This Week

The Mark of Kri (PS2)

The Mark of Kri is coming to the PlayStation Store on September 24th as a PS2 Classic, the PlayStation Blog has confirmed. In the aforementioned article, The Mark of Kri’s executive producer shares some stories about the development of the game, so if you’re interested, be sure to check it out.

Originally released for the PlayStation in 2002, The Mark of Kri was developed by SCE San Diego Studios. At the time, critics praised the game for combining a cartoonish art style with violent imagery. A sequel called The Rise of Kasai came out in 2005, but it failed to capture the elements that made the original such a unique title and was panned by critics and fans alike.

A price for The Mark of Kri hasn’t been announced yet, but $9.99 sounds like a safe bet since most PS2 Classics that come out on Sony’s digital distribution service cost exactly that.

Source: PlayStation Blog