Valve Announces Steam Machines, Coming in 2014

Steam Machines (Header)

The Steam Machines are coming in 2014, Valve has announced. The second announcement that the company has made this week (out of three) deals with the Steam Box, which will be known as Steam Machines from now on. For the uninitiated, these are specific machines that have been designed to play games on your living room.

Valve is working closely with multiple manufacturers, but while those machines are in development, Valve wants to test a prototype. Basically, the developer of Portal and Left 4 Dead is looking for 300 people to test its “high-performance prototype that’s optimized for gaming.” Since these machines will be used for testing purposes, Valve is distributing them for free and giving them to 300 lucky users. If you want to participate, you need to enter the “eligibility quest” on Steam which will be open until October 25th. For more information about this, read the official FAQ on Valve’s website.

Prototypes, which of course will be running the recently announced Steam OS, are shipping later this year and final machines are coming in 2014. The specifications of the prototype that Valve will be giving to users hasn’t been specified.

In the upcoming hardware Beta, Valve will be testing a particular model of Steam Machines, but the company said that there will be multiple models, each tailored to specific users.

Earlier this week, Valve announced Steam OS, a free Linux-based operating system that has been designed for playing video games in the living room. By the way, there’s a third and final announcement coming this Friday at 1pm Eastern and everything suggests that it will be a related to a new controller.

Steam Machines

Source: Steam