Audiosurf 2 Rides Steam Early Access, Features Workshop Support

Audiosurf 2 (PC)

Audiosurf 2 is almost here and I say almost, because the only version available as of this writing is on Steam Early Access. A few weeks ago, creator Dylan Fitterer stated that the sequel to Audiosurf was going to come out on Steam in September and despite a slight delay, the rhythm game is finally available.

For the uninitiated, Audiosurf 2 features procedurally generated levels based on songs from your music library. But the most creative part about the game is that you can ride those songs across several modes, some of which are new (new modes include Wakeboard and Audiosprint.) Additionally, this pre-released version has workshop support, so players can share modifications.

Audiosurf 2 costs $14.99 and is available on Windows PC.

Source: Steam