Final Fantasy VI Coming to iOS and Android This Winter

Final Fantasy VI (Artwork)

A remake of Final Fantasy VI is coming to iOS and Android devices this winter, Square Enix has announced. In an interview with Kotaku, Square director and producer Takashi Tokita revealed that Final Fantasy VI is coming to smartphones. Instead of releasing Final Fantasy VI as a direct port though, the upcoming release will be an enhanced version.

The battle system has been adapted to mobile platforms, so grinding is no longer a problem and while the game’s graphics will still be in 2D, they will look sharper.

Originally released in North America as Final Fantasy III in 1994, Final Fantasy VI has been ported to multiple platforms, including the PlayStation and Game Boy Advance. Both versions were positively received by critics and fans alike.

Now let’s finish this news article with an obvious question: how long until Square Enix announces that Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX are coming to smartphones? I guess it’s going to be soon. Really soon.

Source: Kotaku